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Arrow Exim Indian Hair Factory Chennai Tamilnadu

  1. How long will my hair last?  
Our hair is 100% human hair & with proper care will last you 1-2 years or longer.

  2. How many bundles do I need for a full sew-in?  
You will only need 2-3 bundles for a full sew-in, however, if you desire a fuller look we recommend 3-4 bundles.

  3. Can I cut the weft?  
We do not recommend cutting your wefts. Not cutting your wefts prolongs the life of your hair by minimizing shedding. We recommend the flip-over method.

  4. When will my hair be shipped?  
All orders placed will be shipped in 2-7  business days.

  5. What is the PHC return policy?  
All sales are final and we do not issue refunds on orders that have completed payment and shipped. We offer store credit only. If you would like to exchange your hair,

it must be in its original state; bundles have not been unraveled, washed, brushed/combed, cut, or colored. We will not accept hair that has been installed or altered.

  6. What is virgin hair?  
Virgin Hair is hair that has not been chemically processed and all cuticles are intact. At PHC we only sell Raw Virgin hair.  No fillers of any kind have been added to our hair.

  7. Can the hair be straightened or curled?  
Because our hair is human hair it can be straightened and curled.

  8. Can PHC hair be colored?  
Yes, our hair can be colored and takes color very well. We do recommend that any chemical process be done by a professional to prevent any damage to the hair.

  9. Where does virgin hair come from?  
This is a question several people ask and many don’t know the answer to. The only culture to donate their hair to the temple for religious reasons is India.

It is a symbol of religious devotion. Brazilians, Indians, Malaysians, etc… do not sell or donate their hair to temples.

  10. What makes Arrow Exim Hair different from other hair companies?  
Having glamorous hair makes a woman feel beautiful & confident and at Arrow Exim Indian Hair,

we pride ourselves on giving women the confidence to match their beautiful and quality extensions at an affordable price.

Specializing in 100 % virgin raw hair extensions from the temples.

Once you purchase hair from us you will fall in love. 100% virgin hair that doesn’t tangle, shed, and can last up to 2 yrs or longer with proper hair care.  

At Arrow Exim Hair we don’t put an expiration date on our hair because it can last you years and years.

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