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Wholesale Indian Remy Human Hair Extensions from
Arrow Exim

Natural Wavy Human Hair Extensions
Virgin Hair Extensions
Wholesale Human Hair Bundles

Arrow Exim Indian Cuticle Aligned Virgin Hair bundle hair extension human temple's hair

1. Can I Style or color the hair?

This is virgin hair. It means no chemical dyes have been used by the donor. Hence the hair can be colored, and styled to straight, wavy, and curly patterns with your stylist.


2. How long can I use the hair?

You can use this hair extension like your own hair. Since it is natural hair, it gives a fantastic feeling while in the head. During the night, you should take the utmost care to put a net over your hair and if you care well, you can use it for more than 3 years.


3. Do you use any chemicals during the Hair Extension manufacturing?

We don’t use any chemicals except the shampoo, which is also free from sulfur. We import the raw materials to make shampoo in the house from the best cosmetic houses from the USA and Japan. The hair extension is safe for your scalp.

Arrow Exim Indian region, the women gather their hair that sticks or sheds to the comb as a bunch. Besides, the huge collection of hair sells to the neighborhood hair collector at an affordable price. These hair collectors trade the hair to the firm and the firm will start the process of hair extensions from actual virgin hair. The following source of Indian hair gathered a lot from the temple. In addition, the majority of the temple has the frequent process of trading the hair to the manufacturing firm. The tradition of people donating their hair to the goddess, but it becomes effective and helpful for many people. The hair achieves a heavy process to eradicate tangles and give an attractive look. The virgin hair describes that get from a single donor. The real quality and tangle-free were show off the person maintaining the hair perfectly. The ponytail of the hair got from a single person. After that, the hair is tied into a back ponytail as well as the ponytail gets cut. The Indian hair weft is the reliable and right choice if you need to achieve straight and shinier hair. Indian hair is almost coarse and thick surface and makes your look stunning to anyone. The quality of Indian hair doesn’t have a tangle and gives flawless look after wearing the hair extension. The hair extensions are specially manufactured by the firm to make the person feel real enjoyment. You can directly purchase Indian human hair extensions at a reasonable price online. The online process makes the entire customer purchase flexible and no more worry anymore. While you do feel not high excellence, nevertheless you can have a long-lasting one.

Arrow Exim virgin Indian hair is highly worthy in the nature and best idea to purchase unique. The virgin Indian hair is in organic condition and rough, it has never been manufactured or handmade or synthetically adjusted, or produced. The Indian human hair extensions approach in the usual off-dark color or in the brown shade as well as the scale of surfaces, form wave, uncommon wavy, deep wave, indulging straight, and wet. Mainly, Arrow Exim virgin Indian hair is professionally shaded to maintain the nature of color and organic surface. Virgin Indian hair is highly renowned for the beautiful nature of used human hair for weaves and extensions. The term Remy is hair used that helpful for the outer external cuticle layer, the main part of resonance hair extensions and firm. Remy's hair includes the cuticle layer of the entire hair streaming in the same descending order, the process it would occur organically before the cutting of hair. The cuticle layer is more important by concerning the hair tangling matter, quality, volume, lightweight of hair, and life span.

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