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Indian Machine Weft Hairs

When you buy virgin hair weave, Indian Machine Weft Hairs it indicates that the extensions you are buying are made from real human hair that has never been processed, steamed, or chemically treated. By leaving the hair untreated, the integrity of the hair is preserved. The outer cuticle and the inner cortex of the hair shaft are left intact and undamaged. The cortex is responsible for providing the hair shaft with a natural layer of protection; keeping the hair healthy, strong and resilient. The benefit of having an intact outer cuticle provides the hair with the strength and durability needed to last through excessive styling, and the inner cortex provides the hair with thickness and a beautiful natural color.

Treat Virgin Hair Weave as Part of Your Own Hair

Virgin Hair Maintains Naturally Shine

To start benefiting from longer, thicker hair that keeps all the benefits of your natural hair, we have provided a variety of virgin hair weaves on our website, which you can browse and shop for here: arrowexim.com

Virgin Hair Is Stronger and More Durable

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